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  • Wooden board game meeple
  • Wooden board game meeple
  • Wooden board game meeple
  • Wooden board game meeple

Wooden board game meeple

  • Product:      Wooden Meeple

    Materials:    Beech Wooden

    Diameter:    Custom cutting

    Painting:     Friendly paint

    Printing:      UV printing

    Packaging: According to Customer

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Meeple is a carton human pawn which is widely used as board game pawn. Meeple is signature component of board game now as its impressive image . Many publisher or game company take it as factor of logo and other design.


Our Wooden Meeple is made of high quality beech wooden and friendly paint, laser and then painting. We have many color and dimension meeple in stock.

Meeple is 2D wooden token, so the price depends on the meeple thickness and length and width.

Meeple is laser cut by machine, and so the rest of the wooden are wasted. When you have mass quantity of meeple order, the price will be same although the quantity increase


Some designer would like to make the meeple with design artwork, there is also no problem. Silk printing only can print 1-3 colors usually and as the more color, the cost is high. So we usually use UV printing for meeple printing

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