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  • Custom CNC Game Wooden Pawn
  • Custom CNC Game Wooden Pawn

Custom CNC Game Wooden Pawn

  • Product:      CNC Wooden pawn

    Materials:    Beech Wooden

    Diameter:    According to files

    Painting:      Friendly paint

    Packaging: According to customer request

  • Online orders

CNC wooden pawn is 3D type wooden pawn with round corner. For example, Cheese Pawn, Human Pawn etc.


CNC wooden pawn is popular with many game designer. But the disadvantage is very obvious. Due to wooden materials feature, it can’t be machined like metal materials. So what we can see are 360 symmetrical which is different with meeple wooden products.

With the develop of laser cutting and lower cost , more and more game designer will choose meeple wooden pawn as the components in the game

But it is unique and irreplaceable in game design and many designer still like human pawn to action in their game. But if you want to make some custom wooden pawn, something you must know.

1. The wooden pawn must be rotational symmetry.  If it is hard to understand, please click our

 manufacturing video on this page

2. You must accept Moq if you don’t like the normal shape or stock in factory.

Our wooden pawn are all made by high quality beech wood and friendly painted which can pass EN71 and ASTM963 testing. Custom color and wooden color can be accept. Please feel free contact us if you want get more information. 

What we need for the custom shape pawn

1. The design file of the pawn 

2. The size of the Pawn

Need more info about this product , Feel free contact us

Email: hijeihe@hyplayingcard.com

Whats: +86 18661782779

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