Custom Printed Board Game Box

  • Custom Board Game Tuck Box

Custom Board Game Tuck Box

  • Product: Tuck box

    Materail: Paper

    Diameter: Custom cutting

    Painting: Friendly paint

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Most of the board games are made of paper materials (or with the help of exquisite models), without the help of other electronic devices.


In fact, the "plug-in" board game pulls the game back to the desktop from the network. Several people around a table can not only play various roles, but also enhance mutual communication and understanding, deepen friendship. Moreover, the civilized games can make some people away from violent online games, in addition to bars, karaoke and other places, it is also the year of Light people provide a healthy and relatively relaxed leisure space. In foreign countries, it belongs to the category of distribution, so "table games" will not only be popular for a while, but also the necessities of the social development to a certain stage, which is favored by the leisure class.


While board game is popular, its packaging is becoming more and more diversified. Here's tuck box.


Board game tuck box is generally used with card game or small board game. Because the tuck box is generally made of SBS material, which is easy to fold and shape, but at the same time, it has insufficient bearing capacity. If you load too much or too heavy things, the box will deform or even break. But tuck box is usually low-cost and easy to carry, which is the preferred box for some pocket games.