Custom Printed Board Game Box

  • Custom Board Game Booklet Box

Custom Board Game Booklet Box

  • Product: Booklet box

    Materail: Card board

    Diameter: Custom cutting

    Painting: Friendly paint

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As the name suggests, board game booklet box is a box like a book. It not only looks like a book, but also opens from the side like a book. There are generally two ways to close a Booklet box: one is magnetic force, and the other is ribbon.


The magnetic booklet box is to put positive and negative magnets on the cover and side of the booklet box. The box can be opened easily from the side. When the box cover is closed, the box cover is attracted to the side of the box due to the suction of the magnet, so as to achieve the purpose of closing the box. But there are certain requirements for the height of the side of the box, that is, the thickness of the box. Generally speaking, the thickness of the box cannot be less than 12mm. If the height is too low, the side does not have enough height to put the magnet, so it cannot be made into a magnetic box. There is no need to worry about the above. It can have no height limit. At the same time, the length and thickness of the ribbon are very diverse, and it can be used as a decoration.


Board game is a game that people play face-to-face. Through the game, we can learn how to get along with others, communicate with others, and focus on the challenge of intelligence level and analytical computing ability. Therefore, board game as a gift is also a good choice for relatives and friends. Who wouldn't want to receive a board game wrapped in a beautiful booklet box?